Your personalized
travel experience

With oneGuide you can explore every place in the world with personalized audio and AI experiences

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podcast Audio Guides

Tired of boring audio guides?

Listen in real-time to our entertaining audio guides with exciting stories about your destination based on your interests and needs.
personalized tours

Don’t spend hours
on Google!

OneGuide uses artificial intelligence to curate city tours that fit your interests and preferences. You get personalized recommendations for attractions and content in real-time, while exploring your destination.
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More Features

The one guide you need
for your next city trip

Offline Audio & Maps

No connection? No problem!. We know that a bad internet connection or low data volume can ruin the experience. Thats why you can download our podGuides and maps and use them offline.

Self-Guided Tours

You want to experience culture and history, but you don't want to be tied to a group with rigid time schedules? With oneGuide you can experience sights at your own pace and preference.

Snackable Content

You are tired of the standard, long-winded audio guide? Our guides are produced in an entertaining podcast style and are available snackable 2-5 minutes content bites.

City Navigation

We believe that the most interesting route is not always the shortest.
Don´t waste time on boring walks, when you can enjoy scenic views and learn about culture and history along the way!

Future Ready

OneGuide also works on augmented reality headsets, so you can see the world around you come to life with our amazing content.
We're ready for the future of traveling, are you too?

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